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IWA 2019: Modify [CONTEST!]
IWA 2019: Modify [CONTEST!]

IWA 2019: Modify [CONTEST!]

IWA 2019: Modify [CONTEST!]
IWA 2019: Modify [CONTEST!]

The prototype of the GB2 PP2K submachine gun was undoubtedly one of the major attractions of the Modify's booth during IWA 2019.

Modify's product is a replica of the Russian PP 2000. The replica is to be equipped with a steel folding stock and a movable bolt carrier and charging handle. 

According to the manufacturer, the average muzzle velocity of a BB should oscillate within 340 FPS. The BB speed can be changed using an adjustable nozzle. The replica is to be powered by long (44 BBs) and short (24 BBs) magazines filled with Green Gas and C02. The replica will work using Modify's proprietary system.

In addition, during IWA 2019 Modify has presented its G1 carbine with a new front using the M Lok system, and a new silencer with replaceable sponges which has already been described at WMASG.


This system allows you to modify the level of sound suppression of the rifle and possibly hide an extended inner barrel at the expense of suppression.

In addition, the spring powered M24 rifle and the M24 SF variant, with a shorter, canopied barrel, also caught our attention. The M24 replicas are available in three different stocks colors.


Modify and WMASG invite you for a contest. The prizes are Modify's T-shirts and badges. The question is: "What ammo caliber is used in the real PP 2000 submachinegun?". The answers can be written in the comments section under this article of at our fanpage. The winners will be drawn after the fair!

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