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IWA 2019: G&G
IWA 2019: G&G

IWA 2019: G&G

IWA 2019: G&G
IWA 2019: G&G

One of the most interesting products on the G&G booth were the BAMF Team replicas officially licensed by Cobalt Kinetics.

In Nuremberg, they were presented in two original color versions: silver-blue and black-blue.

The replicas are equipped with the G2 system and a programmable mosfet that allows for setting bursts between 3 to 5 BBs. The replicas have fixed stocks stocks and in order to get into the battery compartment, it is necessary to unscrew a screw and take off the butt plate - a not very comfortable solution in our opinion. What we liked was an interesting system of signaling that the magazine has run out of BBs - the Auto Drop.

After the last shot, the magazine falls out of the magwell. The practicality of this solution may arouse discussion, however, this is an interesting feature of the BAMF Combat Kinetics series. Naturally, after moving the special switch in the magazine, the Auto Drop function can be turned off.

The next group of replicas made by G&G after the AR15 family is the TR 16 series.

The rifles come in several lengths, each is equipped with an M-Lok front and a buttstock of adjustable length. The TR16 series replicas are feed from box magazines with the size corresponding to the .308 caliber magazines - that is, those that can be found in SR25 or HK417/G28 replicas. The magazines are transparent and decorated with dummy .308 rounds. Inside you will find the G&G G2 system and an extended V2 gearbox.

Another interesting product from G&G, announced for the coming year, is the series of Piranha GBB MkI and MkII pistols.

Replicas are characterized by aggressive design of the slide and, frame and by a fixed barrel which, according to the manufacturer, is to reduce gas consumption. The distinguishing feature of the Piranha series is, undoubtedly, the way to adjust the hop-up. It is made with the use of a special tool in the form of a 9mm round, which is placed at the exit of the barrel and turned clockwise or counterclockwise. Each replica of the Piranha series is to come with the said tool, a plastic carrying case and a simple BBs loader.

PRK9 PTS submachine gun is another new product by G&G.

The design is clearly inspired by the AK family of weapons. The replicas are equipped with folding stocks and can be feed from box and drum magazines. The manufacturer used a rotary type hop-up chamber in the PRK9 to which access is obtained by raising the receiver cover. The replicas are expected to be available this summer.

And now something for the fans of wood and steel. During IWA2019 G&G has announced the introduction of Lee Enfield rifles under the name LE4 Mk I.

Both versions of the rifle, standard and sniper, are to be powered with Green Gas and wood and steel parts will be used to make them. In addition, the sniper version has a dedicated mounting for a scope and an adjustable cheek pad. Both replicas are to be equipped with a proper, period accurate sling. The replicas should be available later this year.

Now a few words about the licensed KAC series of replicas, about which we recently wrote at WMASG.

The carbines make a good impression, they are anodized and the flash hiders are made by using CNC machines. According to the assurances of the G&G representative, the KAC series, despite the official license, is to be very affordable for a potential client.

Finally, we are left with a real treat, namely the G&G debut in the GBB segment of AR15 replicas.

The MGCR 5.56 GBB is designed to operate in an open bolt system and be available in three barrel lengths of 7, 10 and 12 inches. We were informed that the rifles will be equipped with aluminum magazines limiting gas consumption.


G&G and WMASG invite you for a contest. The prizes are G&G promotional gadgets. The question is: "What does G&G stands for in English?". The answers can be written in the comments section under this article of at our fanpage. The winners will be drawn after the fair!

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