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Conversion kit for Tokyo Marui Glock 17
Conversion kit for Tokyo Marui Glock 17

Conversion kit for Tokyo Marui Glock 17

Conversion kit for Tokyo Marui Glock 17
Conversion kit for Tokyo Marui Glock 17

The PTS Internet store accepts orders for a conversion kit for the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 made under license from a company based in California called ZEV Technologies. The kit is called the PTS ZEV Prizefighter and comes with numerous parts:

The kit includes licensed copies of ZEV Technologies products:
- a slide;
- a steel outer barrel;
- sights (including fiber optic front sight);
- a magwell;
- an adjustable trigger (ZEV Fulcrum replica);
- a magazine latch with an enlarged button:
- a collimator mounting plate (optional for Trijicon RMR or Leupold DP-PRO);
- rear slide plate

and additional internal parts:
- a cylinder housing;
- a reinforced nozzle set with a return spring;
- a piston head;
- a complete steel zero hammer set equipped with a guide roller.
The most important parts  are made of 6000 series aluminum alloy (the slide) and stainless steel (the barrel) and all are electrochemically protected. Noteworthy is the very careful recreation of the licensed parts. Below the Prizefighter barrel, and the thumbnail shows the original version by ZEV Technologies.

Other parts were made with equal care. The only exception is the slide (the thumbnail shows the Prizefighter).

Compare the plate placed under the collimator. Below is the replica.

In addition to the Prizefighter conversion kit, you will soon be able to buy another set on the ZEV license products for TM Glock 17.

This is a copy of the ZEV barrel equipped with an external thread (14 mm CCW) for mounting a silencer or BB illuminator. The set also includes a steel inner barrel and a stabilizing element. The external barrels come in three colors: gold, silver and black. Above, in the thumbnail, the original barrel.

Mounted in a replica:

As a standard at the PTS store, you can also buy a 6.00 mm precision barrel made by Laylax Nine Ball, which is sold in a set with a Hop-Up bucking (purple - soft). The barrels are available in two lengths - 97 mm for standard TM Glock 17 replicas and compatible products and 108.5 mm for replicas with an elongated barrel (with an external thread).

While in case of Laylax's barrels there should be no problem with compatibility with replicas of other manufacturers, the installation of the Prizefighter kit is possible only after modifications in the WE and KJW replicas. Extended barrels with the external thread work only with replicas that comply with the TM standard.

Prices: Prizefighter - 360 USD (regardless of the selected collimator mount), outer barrel with a thread and a dedicated inner barrel: 99.99 USD, inner barrels: 97 mm - 35.90 USD, 108.5 mm - 38.50 USD. All prices given without shipping costs and other fees.

Finally, a short presentation of ZEV Technologies' hottest product - the O.Z-9 pistol.



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