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Evolution Airsoft with a third generation ETS module

16.04.2019 Author: Czoper Comments: 0

More and more manufacturers equip their replicas with more or less complex electronic modules. Evolution Airsoft does the same.

Evolution Airsoft offer includes several replicas factory-fitted with an advanced third-generation Electronic Trigger System (ETS). The ETS is a drop-in system that is mounted instead of a traditional trigger switch.

In terms of functionality or technology, the module is nothing new, although the purely mechanical connection to the piston gear is a point worth noting. Many other systems keeps track the sectors gear's revolutions counting the teeth that works with the piston using optical sensors. Is the mechanical solution better or more durable? In the photo below, the red arrow indicates the micro-switch which is moved by an eccentric on the sector gear. The same one that moves the cut off lever in the classic solution. The yellow arrow shows the micro-switch moved by the trigger.

Features  of the system:
- configurable fire selector switch;
- adjustable trigger delay;
- burst firing mode;
- pre-cocking;
- ramping (holding the trigger in semi or burst mode switches into full-auto mode);
- active brake;
- cycle control;
- ROF control;
- smart trigger;
- automatic detection of the battery type;
- low energy warning;
- battery protection.

Regardless if the ETS, the factory-fitted MOSFET is also installed in selected replica models.

Currently, the offer is still very limited, but there will most likely be more replicas with the ETS or MOSFET installed. In the meantime, only the Lone Star models have those features.

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