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HK416 A5 by Arcturus
HK416 A5 by Arcturus

HK416 A5 by Arcturus

HK416 A5 by Arcturus
HK416 A5 by Arcturus

A few days ago, we wrote about the latest MOS/Arcturus production plans. The information was mainly about the AK-12, but there was also the thread and preview of a HK replica. Our analysis of the photographs available on the web concluded that it will be the HK416 A5 carbine. We were able to confirm this information and today we know that the replica is almost ready. The state of development progress is so advanced that the release will take place before the initially announced release of the AK-12 in September. Currently, the team working on the project is finishing the last details. It is mainly about the best fit of parts and other, purely cosmetic matters. According to the information given to us, the degree of workmanship and accuracy of reproduction of the original weapon will exceed everything that has been dealt with so far. Examples? The latch of the charging handle can be moved to the right side, as in the original (VFC does not have this feature). The trigger guard will be mounted using two pins, not one, as in currently available replicas. The safety selector switch should look exactly (!) as in the original. Sounds nice...

Below are two photos of the current version of the prototype. The quality of the photos leaves a lot to be desired, but these were made on the fly.

As you can see, the 11-inch version will be the first to hit the market. However, it is known now that the Arcturus HK416 family will consist of at least 8 replicas of varying length and type of fronts used.

From the technical side, the replica will present a well-known, very decent standard supplemented with a dedicated Perun MOSFET.

For obvious reasons, the European version of the replica, the distributor of which Taiwangun, will be deprived of markings. As you know, the Asian market is governed by slightly different laws.

We do not have any information about the price or the availability of the RAL 8000 color version. We do, however, got a promise to get one of the first replicas for a review. Now we wait.



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