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09.07.2019 Author: NAWE_Mario Comments: 0

The auction of two exceptional guns from the 1911 family will begin soon

Not so long ago we wrote about an action of a revolver which Vincent Van Gogh reportedly used to committed suicide. The gun was purchased for 130,000 Euros. However, in relation to the pistols presented below, this amount seems to be trivial.

The 1911 type guns in question were made mostly of a meteorite from Muonionalusta, which was found in northern Sweden in 1906, and its age is estimated at 4.5 million years.

The weapon was constructed by gunsmith Lou Biondo from Business End Customs. Both guns are fully functional models firing a .45 caliber rounds. 35 bullets were fired from each gun, but for practical reasons and because of the value of the weapons, sellers do not recommend excessive use.

The guns will be auctioned on July 20, and the representatives of the Heriatge Arms auction house in Dallas say that a set of two pistols can reach a price between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 USD. It is not possible to buy the pistols separately.


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