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A "Laser" chest rig by LBT
A "Laser" chest rig by LBT

A "Laser" chest rig by LBT

A "Laser" chest rig by LBT
A "Laser" chest rig by LBT

Not so long ago we wrote about a  new version of the iconic LBT 6094 plate carrier (link under the post). It turns out that the company continues its line of light equipment, made using laser cutting.

The LBT 2486-GIII chest rig is a minimalistic platform for carrying up to three AR15 magazines, in its basic version.

The above photos, taken at the Warrior EAST expo show that the chest rig base is an H type harness and a Velcro panel about the size of the 3 pockets for the AR-15, to which you can attach replaceable flaps. The chest rig is compatible with flaps and 1" and 3/4" buckles made for the 6094 Gen III Light Carrier Plate Carrier, which we mentioned in the introduction.




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