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Polish Army without black
Polish Army without black

Polish Army without black

Polish Army without black
Polish Army without black

It would seem that "its about time", taking into account global trends, but finally the Polish Army decided to move away from black elements of its equipment. One could ask why so late, considering that most of the major armies of the world have long ago got rid of black color from the equipment and uniforms (or significantly reduced its use, e.g. MARPAT camo). This trend is also seen among the manufacturers of firearms who offer their products also, and sometimes even mainly, in FDE or Sand colors.

According to Colonel Jacek Kahl of the Armed Forces Support Inspectorate, the army has already got rid of black, among others, from pouches, hats and knee pads. The biggest "revolution", however, seems to be the imminent introduction of brown winter footwear for soldiers. According to the above-mentioned officer: "Several thousand pairs of brown winter boots will be delivered to warehouses in autumn, and to users, i.e. soldiers of the line units, at the turn of the year. For the first time, the Polish military will receive winter booties in brown."

According to available information, in the spring Polish Army soldiers got new, brown spring-summer-autumn footwear, in which soles and uppers were improved, and the material from which they were built was changed.

Will winter footwear be similar? We are waiting for news from the Ministry of National Defense.




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