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A new accessory for pistol flashlights
A new accessory for pistol flashlights

A new accessory for pistol flashlights

A new accessory for pistol flashlights
A new accessory for pistol flashlights

Some shooters (as well as professionals) using gun-mounted flashlights have probably more than once complained about too short or simply too small mode or on-off switches on their flashlights.

In response to the above problems, PHLster introduces a set of switches to eliminate these shortcomings.

The ARC Enhanced WML Switches set for Surefire flashlights contains 3 switches with different blade lengths allowing for optimal adjustment of the switch's distance to the user's finger. Sizes L and XL are larger than standard switches and have textured blades that allow one to turn on the flashlight with gloves or with wet hands. The third, additional switch in XL size is smooth, allowing the user to modify it (by stippling, groving, etc.)

The set fits the following Surefire flashlights: X300U (A / B / V), X400U (H, RD, GN), XH30, XH35, XLV2.

The Streamlight ARC kit contains two switches, both longer than the standard ones installed in the flashlights. One switch is symmetrical, the other is asymmetrical. The user can choose between identical switches on both sides or a longer on one side, depending on preferences.

The set fits the following Streamlight flashlights: TLR-1 and 2 (S and HL versions)

Switches installation is easy and does not require permanent modification of the flashlight. The ARC switches fit almost any decent holster designed for weapons with a flashlight attached that are available on the market, including Safariland and many others.

The price for the ARC set is 24.99 USD.




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