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New mid-caps for AKs
New mid-caps for AKs

New mid-caps for AKs

New mid-caps for AKs
New mid-caps for AKs

D-Day brand polymer mid-cap magazines for AK replicas with variable capacity have appeared at Taiwangun.

The first is the magazine modeled after the 5.45x39 mm round magazines (AK74 and derivatives) is reminiscent of Magpul's PMAGs. The other is also a AK74 magazine, but in the classic form.

Changing the capacity is done by moving a lever on the inside of the magazine's shell.

The nominal capacity of 135 BBs can thus be limited to the capacity of real magazines (30 BBs).

The magazines are a supplement to a line of earlier PMAG copies which were modeled after the 7.62x39 mm round magazines. Identical-looking hi-caps holding 550 BBs have also been available for a long time.

The price of new magazines is almost 40 PLN. Hi-caps cost 32 PLN.

D-Day also produces copies of PMAGs for AR-15 replicas.



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