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Beretta M92 conversion kit
Beretta M92 conversion kit

Beretta M92 conversion kit

Beretta M92 conversion kit
Beretta M92 conversion kit

Yesterday (14.11.2019) SRC has published the announcement of a Beretta pistol conversion kit on their FB profile. Also yesterday we had the opportunity to look at it more closely at Taiwangun's HQ.


The whole set:


Two similar-looking parts visible below are replica adapters with and without a Picatinny rail under the barrel. On the right, the version with the rail:


The set includes all necessary mounting and setting screws (Allen heads) for aligning the replica.

The housing has a long Picatinny rail running almost the entire top part of the conversion. The rail ends at the place where the button for adjusting the stock's length has been placed (the stock has 3 settings). The QD sockets are located below the button, on both sides.



Further accessory rails are located at the front, one on each side and one at the bottom.


And this is how it looks with the SR-92A3 pistol installed (its was just put in without tightening the screws).



The whole set works properly, without jams and blocking the slide, which is often the case in similar products. The lever on the bottom left side is used for pulling the slide back. Releasing it is done with the gun's release button.


The outlet opening is considerably enlarged for the purpose of using a silencer on the gun, a significant part of which will remain inside the housing.


Most parts of the conversion kit are made of hard and stiff plastic. The quality of workmanship does not raise any objections. There are no visible molding marks. The product is dedicated to Beretta pistols made by SRC. For the presentation we used a dual-system (green gas/CO2) SR-92A3 pistol with a barrel equipped with a thread for mounting a silencer. We will write more about the gun itself soon.


Sources: SRCTaiwangun



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