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Specna Arms SV-98
Specna Arms SV-98

Specna Arms SV-98

Specna Arms SV-98
Specna Arms SV-98

Literally a few hours ago information appeared on the Internet regarding another replica of the Russian SV-98 sniper rifle. This time, the manufacturer is Specna Arms, which suggests that the price will not be very high. According to the information we came across, the Specna Arms SV-98 will be 100% compatible with the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 standard (unlike the Raptor replica, which costs over 470 UERO).

From the only photo we managed to get, you can get 2 pieces of information. The first is that production is underway - so the premiere will probably happen soon. The second is that the price will probably be reasonable as it seems that the stocks are made of polymers and not green colored plywood.


Photos: Specna Arms



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