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Seminarium Drewniak 2016

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Do Seminarium DREWNIAK pozostał zaledwie miesiąc, czas zatem uchylić rąbka tajemnicy odnośnie tego co Was czeka w IX edycji.

The DREWNIAK seminar ​​will be held in just a month, so it's time to reveal what awaits you in the IX edition.

    This year's DREWNIAK seminar ​​is special. Not only will we give a tribute to the memory of Col. Leszek Drewniak - co-founder of the GROM Special Unit and the creator of the COMBAT SYSTEM, but also to celebrate the memory of "Cichociemni" - an elite special-operations paratroops of the Polish Army during the WWII.

    This year, specifically during the night of 15/16 February, marks the 75 anniversary of the drop of the first trained "Cichociemni" unit on the Polish soil, from which the military unit GROM took the name, the banner and the tradition. That is why the theme of the ninth edition of Drewniak Seminar will be "Cichociemni" - "Fight for ITS freedom or die".

    The organizer of this year's seminar is the GROM COMBAT Foundation by the name of Col. Leszek Drewniak. As always, we prepared many activities and challenges for you. Classes will be conducted by the current and former commandos.

The program has been divided into thematic blocks using elements of the best training methods of special units, combined with the training that "Cichociemni" also went through. Those include:


  •     elements of water tactics in combat, led by a group of qualified instructors and trainers, former soldiers of JW GROM
  •     elements of survival in the so-called extreme environment and
  •     survival techniques modelled after the training that by members of the Independent Parachute Brigade went through, under the supervision of Lt. Leonard Łysza - a training instructor of "Cichociemni"
  •     survival in a hostage situation
  •     elements of GROM COMBAT combat system, combined with elements of training of "Cichociemni"
  •     tactical rescue elements - first aid on the battlefield
  •     fire fighting elements - evacuation of public places (schools, stadiums) and moving objects (buses) at risk of being a bombing target
  •     elements of tactics in small spaces
  •     elements of the use of handguns and rifles (shooting)
  •     and lectures: operational techniques for gaining information and demonstration of military equipment.

Remember! You can't count only on your physical preparation. Only people with the most motivation and psychical resilience will make it to the end. The endurance test slowly begins.

See you on the next DREWNIAK SEMINAR!


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