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Kamuflaż MAPA kolejne testy

14.11.2016Author: szmergluComments: 26

Dostaliśmy od Pana Doktora Macieja Dojlitko parę zdjęć z sesji zdjęciowej mającej na celu porównanie rozwijanego MAPA do popularnych kamuflaży.

We got a few photos from PhD Maciej Dojlitko from a session devoted to comparing the MAPA camo patter with other popular patterns.

Despite bad weather the first comparison photo session had been conducted. Among the camo patters chosen for comparison was also the old version of MAPA. One can see for example that the old uniform made from 100% polyester by Specops, shines while observed through night vision goggles. The news version is printed on a 50/50 mix and behaves correctly, that is it does not shine in infra red. 

Despite this being the first of one of many studies of this camo, one can see progress non the less. Therefore, we await further information about the progress of the project which we till post (thanks to the kindness of Mr Dojlitko) as soon as we will receive them.

And now a question to you all - what do you think about this pattern? Will it work? Can it become a commercial product, which will threaten the position of current top patterns? 


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