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Nowość: G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER

08.05.2018Author: Felipe7Comments: 21

Firma Casio wypuszcza na rynek nowy produkt z serii G-Shock. Dzięki swym właściwościom, ma on przetrwać najtrudniejsze warunki, jednocześnie zapewniając jak największą paletę danych dla użytkownika.


Its resilience is ensured by a case made from steel and sintered quartz, an anti-shock system system, sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 200 meters.
Apart from the basic functions, such as a stopwatch and a timer, the watch has a GPS module and Bluetooth.




The first one enables us to track the route and, if need be, guide us back they way we came. Additionally, when backtracking, the watch will show us the direction we came from using the compass mode.



The Bluetooth module, on the other hand, allows for connecting the watch with the phone where one can review the routes traveled but also create new ones and input them into the watch. It also allows for finding a phone that is paired with it.



Thanks to the solar power mode, the battery life of the wristwatch can be extended.
The battery itself can work power the watch for 33 hours with the GPS module on and 29 months when it is off.
The watch is also equipped in a barometer, a height meter, a thermometer, ability to set two time zones and sea tides indicator.


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