New: Crusader Adjustable Steel Bolt Carrier

23.10.2018Author: Felipe7Comments: 1

WGCShop.com rozpoczął sprzedaż przedpremierową nowego zespołu zamkowego do replik M4 GBB.

It is dedicated for the VFC M4 GBBR replicas and is made of steel and ensures high performance and noticeable recoil during shooting.

Care was taken to ensure the same material finish as in the real firearm part, making a steel gas buffer and new, redesigned pins. All this results into a significant increase of the longevity and durability of the whole product.

The price, without shipping, customs and VAT, is around USD 153, and you can read about all the details under this link. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the preorders will be sent to customers. When new information on this subject appear, we will post them at our portal.

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