The Border Guard buys GROT carbines

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Another user of the new FB carbine

As reported by the MILMAG Military Magazine website, another user of the Polish GROT rifle (model C16 FB-M1) will be the Border Guard. We remind you that the first GROT carbines went to the Territorial Defense Forces and the Polish Army Representative Company (Grotto R20).

The carbines will be chambered for the standard NATO ammunition, the 5.56 mm x 45 NATO. The Border Guard bought 150 units of GROT carbines, which are to supplement the already owned wz. 96C Beryl carbines and wz. 96C Mini Beryllium sub-carbines. Ultimately, the Border Guard is to receive 4420 new carbines by 2020.

Żródło: milmag.pl

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