Tippmann as the exclusive distributor of KA PDW

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Exclusive deal between Tippmann Tactical and King Arms on selected models

Tippmann Tactical has announced today that it has become the exclusive distributor of the electric series of 9mm SBR PDB made by King Arms. Exclusivity applies only to this group of products and covers the area of both Americas and Europe together with Great Britain (original wording).

The PDW 9mm SBR series are replicas with a receiver looking similar to the AR-15 family feed from magazines dedicated to MP5 submachine guns replicas (in the original, 9 mm caliber). The set comes with a mid-cap holding 100 BBs.
Replicas have receivers and fronts made of plastic based on nylon. A characteristic feature is are shortened ejection port covers. Mechanically, the PDW 9mm SBR are based on the V2 gearbox with 7 mm bearings, a quick spring change system and equipped with a simple Mosfet system. Brass inner barrels have a diameter of 6.05 mm.

There are 4 types of replicas differing in the length of the barrel and the front grip:
- Shorty (inner barrel length of 135 mm, short hand guard with Picatinny rails);
- Long (inner barrel length of 180 mm, long hand guard with Picatinny rails);
- M-LOK (inner barrel length of 180 mm, hand guard in the M-LOK system);
- SD (inner barrel length of 305 mm hidden in the sound suppressor, hand guard in the M-LOK system).

The Shorty version is available in three colors: black, gray and sand. In total, it gives you six replicas to choose from.

Shorty black:

Shorty grey:

Shorty tan:




Weight: depending on version from 1745 to 2005 g.
Velocity depending on market: 300-420 fps.

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