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We wrote recently about the return of King Arms to the game. At the MOA Fair they announced many new products. How do they actually look like?

After media announcements, we expected an explosion of new products from King Arms. There indeed are new products. But they are rather few.

The SAA .45 Peacemaker revolver powered by green gas

The story goes that during World War II this guy was wearing two of these things every day:

This alone is enough reason to have this replica in one's collection. See for yourself:

The gas tank is in the grip.

The drum holds six dummy rounds. Each of them is loaded with one BB - it is a standard among revolver replicas. Dummy King Arms rounds are made mainly of brass and they are heavy.

The replica is made in 1:1 scale.
Material: ZnAl plus plastic (panels of the grip);
The length of the replica: 253 mm;
The length of the inner barrel: 117 mm;
Weight: 836g.
Muzzle velocity (0.2 g) - 370-380 fps

The replica is available in a silver, black and iridescent blue version in a way that imitates the XIX century oxidation.

It will be released at the beginning of 2019.

KA New Pistol powered by green gas

The aluminum slide finished using CNC machines, a one-piece external barrel also CNC machined, the inner barrel with a diameter of 6.05 mm. The gun is to be available in four color versions: black, black and sand, black and silver, and sand and silver. Detailed technical data were not provided. It is to be released at the the beginning of next year. Pay attention to the markings in the photo below.

The M700 sniper rifle with a wooden stock, powered by green gas.

Aluminum grooved external barrel, a brass inner barrel 585 mm long with an internal diameter of 6.05 mm. The magazine holds 25 BBs and green gas.

The HopUp is adjustable with a knob passing through the optic mounting rail.

Overall length: 1120 mm;
Weight: 3330 g;
Muzzle velocity (0.2 g): 330-360 fps

Among the AEG replicas, the most striking is the red AR-15 licensed by Black Rain Ordnance.

The replica has a 15-inch front grip, a receiver made of 6061 aluminum alloy, with Black Rain Ordnance markings and several steel parts. The gearbox uses 8 mm bearings nad has the quick spring change feature. The electrical installation is equipped with a MOSFET circuit. The pistol grip has replaceable rear plate to match the size of the hand. There is no information about what technique is used to apply the colour, but up close it looks to be varnished.

Total length of the replica: 910 - 990 mm;
The length of the inner barrel: 455 mm;
Diameter of the inner barrel: 6.05 mm;
Weight: 380g;
Muzzle velocity (0.2 g): 380-420 fps


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