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Tokyo Marui Mk46 Mod0 trailer

29.12.2018 Author: NAWE_Mario Comments: 0

Tokyo Marui has just released a new trailer for the Mk46 Mod0 light machine gun awaited by most airsoft fans.

The Japanese manufacturer of aristoft replicas has just released a long version of the movie promoting their first LMG. It was recently presented during the 5th Tokyo Marui Festival.

The features distinguishing it from other similar models on the market are the Recoil Shock system and the simulated movement of the ammunition belt during shooting. In addition, the replica has a MOSFET system. To replace the battery you have to disassemble the barrel according to a procedure similar to the one done when replacing the barrel in a real Mk46 Mod0.

Below is a link to the video in question.


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