Larry Vickers announces another weapons guide.

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Larry Vicker, a living legend of American special forces, and now a Youtuber and an entrepreneur, has announced the next album from the Vickers Guide series.

To most airsoft and military enthusiasts the name Larry Vickers does not need any introduction. During his long tour of duty in the US Army he served, among others, in the 1st SFOD unit, the legendary "Delta". During his service in it, he took part in one of the most well-known operations of special forces, namely the recapture of an American named Kurt Muse from a Panama prison which was codenamed operation Acid Gambit.

After leaving the army, Larry Vickers cooperated with such companies as Blue Force Gear, Tango Down, Glock or Wilson Combat, he was also directly involved in the creation of the HK416 rifle.

In recent years, Larry travels around the United States, conducting shooting and gunsmith workshops (he is an expert on 1911 pistols) and publishes interesting videos on Youtube about shooting and tactics.

One of the most interesting projects by Larry Vickers is a series of richly illustrated guide books about firearms called the "Vickers Guide". The series started with the 1911 album, then there were the AR15 vol.1 and AR15 vol.2, the WW II Germany vol.1 (German weapons of the Second World War) and the newest album is the AK vol.1.

The album devoted to the design by Mikhail Kalashnik has 360 richly illustrated pages. As Larry himself said in the video promoting his latest album, it is devoted only to models powered by the 7.62x39mm caliber rounds. It can be presumed that the second part will be devoted to carbines powered by other rounds.

Album prices range between $ 95 and $ 250 for a limited edition issue.

A link to the video promoting the latest album


A link to the store with Vickers Guide albums: https://www.vickersguide.com/books

Source: https://www.popularairsoft.com

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