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PT-3 buttstock for the AK

22.03.2019 Author: Czoper Comments: 1

TWI announces the release of the PT-3 replica at the end of April

The following photo was published on the TWI profile:

And information about the release date for the end of April. The price has not been given yet, but from a short exchange of comments under the photograph it can be concluded that it will not be cheap.

The original PT-3 buttstock made by the Russian company Zenit. This is where the following photo comes from:

It is a telescopic buttstock, folded to the left side of the carbine, with adjustable cheek pad. Here are some more photos from the AK Stuffstore: 

The price of the original version is 18,000 RUB (Zenit) or 399 USD (AK Stuff). In both cases, the shipping cost and possible additional fees must be added.

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