REVO valves for GBB pistols

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ICS has presented adjustable valves for green gas guns.

The REVO valve series currently consists of three products - a magazine bottom valve (for filling gas) and adjustable main valves of different lengths (that is, intended for specific replicas).

The bottom valve

Apart from a slightly increased length, the innovation here is an additional hole indicated by the arrow in the valve part that is inside the magazine. It functions is somewhat similar to a "safety valve". We fill the magazine until it clearly vents excess gas. This means that the pressure inside the magazine has reached the optimal (according to ICS) value. The benefit for the user? We always fill the magazine with the same amount of gas, which means that a replica shoots in a repeatable and predictable manner. The pressure in the magazine ,due to the use of this solution, is reportedly higher by about 30%, which allows, for example, to fire more shots. In addition to this, it is easier to find out that the gas in the tanks, from which we are loading magazines, is slowly depleting.

The main valve

As you can see, it comes in two sizes. The one on the left (shorter) is designed for replicas by ICS: XAE/XPD/XFG and Tokyo Marui Glock 17s (and compatible). The longer one (on the right) is designed for the PRS by ICS and HiCapa by Marui (and similar).

There is no revolution here, but there are three innovations.

First of all, the adjustable mushroom (red arrows) allows you to use and optional o-ringa, which at high temperatures (20-35oC) limits gas consumption without decreasing the performance of a replica.

Secondly, in stead of the o-ring (but also together with it) we can use a spring, which shortens the valve opening time affecting the gas dose.

Thirdly, we have the ability to additionally calibrate the dose of gas by tightening/loosening the  mushroom (usually by about 1 mm).

The effectiveness of those solutions and their actual impact on a replica's performance still require testing. ICS has not present any materials that would illustrate this.

However, there is an advertising video:

and a film showing the design and operation of the valves:

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