Dytac SLR B15 Helix carbines are available for purchase!

13.04.2019Author: NAWE_MarioComments: 0

Gunfire shared a video of the new rifles by DYTAC

The replicas are officially licensed by SLR - an American firearms manufacturer.

Currently, the following models are available in the Polish store offer

SLR B15 Helix Ultralight 

SLR B15 Helix Ultralight SBR 

SLR B15 Helix Ultralight PDW

All replicas are equipped with an M-lok front, quick spring change system, the HEXMAG mid-cap magazine with a capacity of 125 BBs and a precision barrel.

Source: www.airsoft-milsim-news.com, gunfire.pl, dytac.hk

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