ICS is promoting the Korth PRS pistol

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A video appeared in the Internet presenting the accuracy of the new pistol promoted by ICS

Korth PRS is one of the newer products on the ICS offer. Like the real gun, the replica uses some of the Colt 1911's solutions, but it also has unique features. One of such distinguishing features is a fixed barrel, thanks to which the accuracy of the gun increases significantly.

ICS has just published a video showing shooting from Korth PRS. In fact, the test went all too well. See for yourself:


And this is how the workings of the mechanism with a fixed barrel look in an animation:

Basic features of the Korth PRS replica:

and technical parameters:

The second interesting thing about the ICS offer is the compensator for BLE-XFG pistols.

Maybe it would not be that interesting, if not for the fact that this time we can not buy the product, but only download a file that allows you to print the accessory on a 3D printer.

LINK to the file. Note: requires logging onto the website.

Is this the beginning of a new era on the airsoft replica market?

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