Weight, muzzle velocity, consistency

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We check and compare the basic parameters of BBs of the most commonly used weights

0.32 g BBs

Brands: PJ, BLS, BLS Bio


We were weighing BBs in groups of 10. The box illustrates a group's arithmetic mean weight.
There were no G&G BBs to use as reference.

Weight: average - 0.327 g, spread - 0.009 g

Muzzle velocity measurements

Testing platform: APS UAR with an M110 SHS spring. The test was carried out on our own enclosed shooting range, at an ambient temperature of 19°C using a XCORTECH X3500 chronograph.

The graph shows the average (median) value of 10 shots for each type of BBs.
The box shows the average value and spread for the whole group.

Muzzle velocity: average - 377.30 fps, spread - 5.25 fps

Consistency of muzzle velocity measurements

The graph illustrates the spread (difference) between the highest and lowest values within 10 shots for each type of BBs.

The box shows the values calculated for the whole group.

Consistency (spread of 10 results), less = better: average - 4.90 fps, spread - 2.10 fps


As the price determinant, we assumed the cost of filling a standard hi-cap magazine for the M4/M16 (AR-15) replica.
Prices are calculated based on the offer of leading Polish online stores.

PRICE FOR 300 BBs (AR-15 type hi-cap magazine): average - 5.62 PLN, spread - 1.89 PLN


What do the test above tell us? As far as "hard" facts go not so much. The above tests do not give as a straight answer which BBs are the best. For us, the most interesting is the graph was the one illustrating the consistency of the muzzle velocity, or more specifically the spread between the highest and lowest results achieved by individual brands of BBs. Adding to it, for example, the price of a fully loaded magazine, gives as something to think about. Nevertheless, as we wrote at the beginning, the most important test for the BBs will target shooting test.

G&G Armament has provided us with their brand of BBs for the purpose of this test. PJ, Kilo 9, BLS and Guarder BBs were provided by the Taiwangun store.


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