Chiappa Rhino

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Little tough guy

The Chiappa Firearms company, based in Azzano Mella, Italy, has posted a photo presented below:

According to the text below the photos, it really is an airsoft Chiappa Rhino series 60 revolver! Since the information and photo come from the Chiappa profile on Facebook, the manufacturer is most likely Chiappa Firearms. It's even more probable as the company has been producing airguns for many years new, including pistols powered by CO2 capsules.

The original Rhino revolvers use .40 S&W, .357 Magnum or 9 mm Luger ammunition. The 60SAR version has a single action only (SAO) trigger mechanism.

The 60DS version has a single action/double action mechanism. The barrel length of both versions is 6 inches and the drum capacity is 6 rounds. Its weight is about 935 g. Models with shorter, 2, 3, 4 and 5 inches barrels are also produced. Here is a two-inch 20DS caliber .357 Magnum with a black finish. This version has no front sight:

For comparison - here it was possible to fit the front site:

Depending on the version, the real Rhino revolvers cost from 1,100 to nearly 1,400 USD. In Poland, a 60DS cost around 5000 PLN.

The photos come from the Chiappa Firearms website.

We will finish with a riddle. Who is this? And what's in the plate carrier's holster?

This is, of course, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). The still comes from the movie Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller. The world premiere is set to November 23, 2019 and November 8, 2019 in Poland. Who guessed it right can feel satisfied. And that's it.

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