Another 5.11 Tactical store in Poland!

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5.11 Tactical continues its expansion into the Polish market by opening another distribution point in Warsaw

The new point where we can purchase 5.11 Tactical products is the headquarters of the Wojskowe Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe Sp. z o.o. at 18A Danilowiczowska St. in Warsaw.

The shop has the status of an Authorized Retailer and is located 150 meters from the Ratusz Arsenal subway station, 200 meters from the town hall, 400 meters from the main police station in Warsaw and 300 meters from the Old Town in Warsaw.

The Wojskowe Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe company is owned by the Polish government, specifically the Ministry of Defense and has been on the market since 1950. On site you can also buy official uniforms of all Polish military units, police and other services. The company also has a tailoring workshop.

5.11 Tactical offers three store standards for its trading partners. Select Premium Dealer has to have a minimum of 150m2 store space, Premium Dealer - 50m2 and Authorized Retailer - 30m2. Select Premium Dealer has the widest offer, followed by proportionally smaller offer of items from the manufacturer's offer at the other two type of stores.

Other shops already selling 5.11 products in Poland are:

5.11 Tactical Premium Dealer



20-011 Lublin, 

ul. Józefa Piłsudskiego 18

phone: 507 87 5555,

e-mail: demobilpolska@gmail.com

5.11 Tactical Authorised Retailer


LS Targetum
ul. Gajdy 22
02-878 Warszawa

phone: 602 305 560

Wojskowe Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowe Sp. z o.o.

Danilowiczowska 18B 

00-093 Warszawa

e-mail: sklep@wphmilitaria.pl

tel: 22 827 84 05


Słowiańska 42H
61-609 Poznań

phone: 691 724 041

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