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There are many militant enthusiasts. There are also enthusiasts who want to develop a passion associated with special formations by gaining practical skills. That is what SGO is doing. Special Operational Groups, in which both civilians and servicemen operate, is an initiative of people with diverse knowledge and experience, who share the passion and willingness of interdisciplinary development.

Who we are?

- we have been working with passion since 2010,

- you will find us in six regions (Pomorskie, Mazowieckie, Małopolskie, Dolnośląskie, Śląskie, Wielkopolskie), and we have plans for more (including Zachodniopomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie regions),

- we have a wide range of activities like urban and forest training sessions, medical rescue, alpinism, diving, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, extreme competitions, command procedures, boarding ships, using helicopters,

- we train with experts from special forces and police anti-terrorist units,

- we organize our own shooting, rescue and multi-discipline competitions,

- we introduce new people to our activities,

- we are open people with an average age of 30+.

Together with us you can:

- develop your passions: shooting, simulations of special operations (ambushes, raids, interception of a high value target), special recognition, counterterrorism (rescuing hostages), diving, alpinism, hand-to-hand combat, obstacle courses, long-distance marches,

- take a basic course which is an introduction to regular training,

- gain skills under the supervision of an experienced team of enthusiasts,

- take part in specialized training courses with veterans of special forces and police anti-terrorist units,

- use the most modern technologies and equipment (a modular tactical shooting range, modern shooting systems, RIB boats, SUVs, helicopters and tanks),

- take part in interesting and pioneering projects (extreme challenges, rescue competitions, special missions workshops),

- to go on integration with people with indestructible liver.

How to start the adventure?

Take part in the National SGO Selection (OPS9), which will take place on 21-22/09/2019 in Gdynia.

The rules of OPS are simple - during the hours to get to know each other and see if we are on the same wavelength. During this time, you will do PE classes, hiking, visits to unpleasant surroundings and we will simultaneously introduce you to the subject of activities that we will do together after the selection.

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