FULL THRUST - a new standard among sniper rifles?

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6.44 mm instead of 6 mm - Novritsch introduces its own standard

Novritsch - one of the most media present airsoft players, and for some time now also a businessman, is trying to make a breakthrough in the world of airsoft sniper rifles. According to his own experience, he claims that "spring-loaded" bolt-action rifles, built in accordance with the solutions used so far, have reached the end of their developmental capabilities as far as range and and accuracy. The main reason for this is the maximum weight of a 6 mm BB. Currently available technologies do not allow to make a biodegradable BBs with a mass of more than 0.46 g. Hence the idea of Novritsch to introduce a new caliber, 6.44 mm into the airsoft. Thanks to this, the BB mass can be increased to 0.58 g which, according to the author's opinion, will significantly improve the performance of replicas.

On his website, Novritsch explains extensively why as the new standard created and what benefits does it give. Among them, apart from the most significant being the increase in the range and accuracy of shots, the issue of reducing damage after hit (LINK) is also discussed. The author of the idea also posted two shooting targets with results of shots made in identical conditions with 6 mm 0.46 g BBs and the new 6.44 mm 0.58 g BBs. Distance from the target was 60 m, kinetic energy of the ball BBs was 2.6 J (in both cases).

6 mm, 0.46 g

6.44 mm, 0.58 g

As you can see the difference is significant.

Novritsch immediately commercialized his new idea. Conversion kits for VSR-10 and M24 replicas are already available. The set consists of a 6.44 mm inner barrel, a complete HopUp chamber, a HopUp bucking, 1 magazine, a speedloader, a template and a drill bit and a HopUp adjustment key with a handle. The M24 kit also includes a cylinder head. Prices of the sets: 155 Euro (VSR-10) and 175 Euro (M24). Of course, the BBs are also available in containers holding 444 BBs, 15.85 Euro per container.

Below is a promotional video of the FULL THRUST system:

If any of you decide to buy and assemble such a set, please let us know. We will be happy to take part in tests or publish a first-hand report.

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