New members in the ranks of AGAT

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Unit from Gliwice will be supplemented with 21 new soldiers of the assault section

After a six-month base course for the future AGAT soldiers, the time has come for the final test of acquired skills - direct action.

The soldiers' task was to plan and execute a direct action aimed at controlling a building and capturing an alleged spy. The task was preceded by information gathering, tracking of the "target" and meticulous planning.

21 of 35 soldiers passed the exam and, as they admit, not everything went perfectly. According to the training instructor, the majority of work has still to be put into exercises concerning CQB tactics, but they did well in the planning and special recon tasks.

The lucky ones who passed the exam will soon wear a uniform of the special forces and a characteristic dark green SF beret. However, this is not the end of the road, but a beginning. Before they reach the real assault squads they still have to complete many specialist trainings and courses.

Source: polska-zbrojna.pl

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