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The first video reviews of the new gun appeared on the Internet

The new Sig Sauer replica is not officially out but the first one's have already found their way into the hands of several YouTubers. Therefore below we present two videos. The first one was made by the cheerful Airsoft Mike, the second one, a bit more technical, by Airsoft Taiwan.

Airsoft Mike:

Airsoft Taiwan AST:

Let us remind you that formally the official manufacturer of this replica is SIG SAUER (SIG Air) although, of course, these guns are made by a subcontractor, namely VFC. Almost simultaneously, a video presenting the WE version from the F line, that is the SIG replicas, the F17 pistol went online. Its a bit weaker, has no markings, non the less it is very, very similar. I wonder is anyone keeping all the tabs on it? At the BeSpokeAirsoft store, the author of the video, the pistol is labeled as  the Asia Electric Gun F17. The price 151,44 Euro.

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