"Folding bottle" for BBs

21.08.2019Author: CzoperComments: 8

Another tactical gadget

BB Storage Bag, that's what WoSport's new "invention" is called.

To put it simply, it is the upper half of a plastic bottle with a cork and a MOLLE mount, permanently placed on top of a long nylon bag. When unfolded it becomes 26 cm long and can carry about 3000 BBs. After emptying, the loose (empty) part of the bag can be pushed in with ones fingers from below, reducing the length of the entire device. And then it stops hitting one's thigh. Brilliant!

The patent is available in four colors: green, black, sand and Multicamo.

Will this solution be adopted on the market? As usual, we'll see. However, in our opinion, instead of creatively solving the problem "What to do with a 30 cm long container when its empty?" it's better to pack your ammo a little differently.

Photos: WoSport

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