"Grot" for girls?

05.09.2019Author: CzoperComments: 1

A popular motif in the reports from the ongoing MSPO trade fair is the pink MSBS Grot rifle. What is it all about?

The interesting looking carbine is not a civilian export version for the Asian market. By presenting it with two other copies in sand and green colors, Fabryka Broni Łucznik wanted show their implementation of the Cerakote ceramic paint technology.

VIS 100 pistols were also presented in a similar way:

The whole factory's booth was, for obvious reasons, dominated this year was  by two latest products - the Modular Small Arms System and the Vis 100 pistol. Beryl and Mini Beryl carbines in various calibers (including 7.62x39 mm) were also present, but presented slightly on the side . Also, a training version of the "Grot" carbine, equipped with an insert allowing for the use of UTM training ammunition, has been shown

as well as a DMR versions of various lengths:


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