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Madbull: Tracer Eco Friendly and the Ultimate Gray Stainless series!

Specshop has supplemented its offer of the Madbull brand range of BBs. The Ultimate Gray Stainless series is dedicated for snipers and precision shooters. Their high mass is obtained by combining polymer with steel guarantees achieving high flight stability, and the gray color makes it difficult to see the direction from which the shots are fired. The excellent standard has been obtained thanks to the use of the highest quality high density polymer, advanced machining and rigorous quality control. The precision of ± 0.01 mm, guaranteed by the manufacturer, means that the BBs are perfect for use with precision barrels. Strict quality control guarantees diameter repeatability and makes it suitable for use even with 6.01 mm barrels. Perfect distribution of the center of mass and high weight guarantee high precision and repeatability of shots and also reduced impact of weather conditions.

Precise, biodegradable 6 mm Tracer Eco Friendly BBs with a smooth, polished surface and the highest quality of workmanship guaranteed by MadBull.

The Tracer series is designed to be used with BB tracer units to create a tracer round like effect in the dark. The Eco Friendly series is produced on the basis of PLA plastic, a fully biodegradable polymer made from renewable natural resources, mainly cornmeal. The BBs have a perfect distribution of mass and very high repeatability of precision with a tolerance of ± 0.01 mm. They can be successfully used in 6,01 - 6,04 mm precision barrels.

Link to the whole range of Madbull BBs at Specshop.pl can be found HERE.

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