US ARMY and its new backpacks

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US Army is considering expanding the use of its new backpack

According to sources close to those directly involved in the project, the new US Army MOLLE 4000 Airborne Rucksack designed for paratroopers, may soon be introduced to regular line units.

The new MOLLE backpack for air and ground forces has a capacity of approximately 4,000 cubic inches and is made of 1000 D nylon coated fabric, has an outer frame, adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt. The outer part of the backpack is equipped with numerous pockets and pouches for storing equipment and ammunition.

The interior of the backpack's main compartment has separate compartments for carrying a radio, a hydration sack or other similar-sized equipment. It also has a central zippered cover that divides the main compartment into two approximately equal upper and lower halves. The bottom of the backpack has a separate storage space, and above it is a zippered access to the bottom of the main compartment.

It is hard not to notice the inspiration of the project with the good old ALICE backpack, which can still be seen from time to time in photos from numerous military operations in various parts of the world.

Source: soldiersystems.net

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