New Tracer BBs packaging

02.10.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

G&G introduced larger packaging for its Tracer BBs

New G&G bottles hold 2700 BBs. This is 11% more than in the previously used "jars", which held about 2400 BBs. What is most important, the manufacturer did not change prices. For a bottle containing 2700 BBs we will pay as much as the old jar.

The "new" bottles, however, are not entirely new. Other types of G&G BBs have been available in these packages for some time.

The Tracer line are BBs dedicated to be used together with tracer units that look like sound suppressors. There are 3 such devices offered by G&G:

The Midnight Hawk (short black one above), the Battle Owl (long black one above) and the Tracer (tan one above). Each of the 3 devices is available in black and tan.

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