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Airsoft in quarantine
Airsoft in quarantine

Airsoft in quarantine

Airsoft in quarantine
Airsoft in quarantine

Last week was a breakthrough in the fight against the world-wide spread SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, especially in Poland. At first, events with over 1000 participants were canceled, i.e. formally called mass events. Concerts, sporting events and even election rallies have been canceled or postponed. Poland and its neighbors closed their borders, other countries are doing the same. Checkpoints have been restored at a total of 15 road and 4 pedestrian border crossings. Other roads are blocked by the police and the army.




International air traffic has been blocked, and for those wanting to Poland from abroad, the government provides special connections via LOT airlines. Although the prices are close to a normal connection, it gives you the opportunity to return, especially for people on holidays in very distant countries. Hotels stopped receiving guests from abroad. Shopping malls, colleges, schools and kindergartens were closed, and consequently also restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes, in order to avoid the mistake made in, among other places, Italy where party venues proved to be a fertile ground for the virus. As reported by the KiKŚ profile on Twitter (probably the most active and fastest informing medium about coronavirus in Poland), in Berlin only 42 people got infected in one club. And the situation could repeat itself, because the closing of schools until March 25 was accepted by some... with joy as "Corona holidays".

For now, fortunately, the measures taken in Poland are primarily preventive. At the time of writing this article, there are 125 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection in Poland. The question is, how many more people will be positively diagnosed, because people are still waiting a long time for the results of tests in Poland. The virus spreads mainly through the droplet route and to obstruct it, it was necessary to separate potential carriers. A 14 days quarantine, because this is the longest time it took symptoms to appear after infection, is to give time to track and separate the sick. Due to the high contagiousness and the long time that it takes before symptoms appear, which in the case of many, especially young people, may not occur at all (!). Therefore it is so important to isolate potential carriers. Therefore we recommend not to organize arisoft games. Even if, with high probability, because of your age, you will be fine, you will start spreading the virus and you will be responsible for other people you infected #zostańwdomu

There is also good news. In China, where everything started, a downward trend in new cases is observed and production is slowly restarting. A medicine supporting the treatment appeared in Poland. News appear about the progress of vaccine development. For now, however, joint efforts must limit the spread of the virus. Decisions on closing borders taken by governments of endangered countries, cancellation of flights and events, closing educational and catering establishments are very serious decisions with economic consequences. The situation is therefore serious and must not be underestimated.

We are also allergic to emerging fakenews. Don't be fooled by the inflated prices of hygiene products and... toilet paper. It is worth replenishing your home supplies so that you do not have to leave the house for some time and expose you to infection, but this is not the time of the apocalypse and grocery stores, after the first wave of panic, are usually mostly well stocked. We wish everyone a lot of health and stay home!

Polish government website with information about the threat

Polish Police website with important information



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