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Tactical glasses by Leupold
Tactical glasses by Leupold

Tactical glasses by Leupold

Tactical glasses by Leupold
Tactical glasses by Leupold

For many years now, Leupold scopes have been regarded as solid optical sights among sporting and military shooters. It was enough to look at scopes that were and are mounted on sniper rifles in the US. The Mark 4 model is the legendary scope that can be seen on the SR25 or the M24 rifles, and the Mark 5HD 5-25×56 model has recently been chosen as the new rifles cope mounted on the new US ARMY MK22 Mod 0 sniper rifles (built on the basis of the Barrett MRAD).



Meanwhile, Leupold wants to expand into another "niche" of shooters' equipment - tactical glasses.


The Performance Eyewear series is a line of five models of glasses which frames are made of ballistic grade materials and that have scratch-resistant polarized lenses. The design of the glass means that the "polarization" cannot be scratched or wiped off because, according to the manufacturer, it is an integral part of the glass in contrast to the coatings used in competing products. The Leupold Guard-ion hydrophobic coating (also used in Leupold optics) prevents dirt, water and fingerprints from sticking to the surface of the glass, and the diamond coating that hardens the lenses prevents scratches.

The series includes the following models:

KATMAI - a model designed for travelers, light but durable.


Prices from $129.99 to $159.99

BECNARA – a stylish model for everyday use.


Price - $159.99

PACKOUT and SWITCHBACK – models created for shooters, excellent quality of ANSI Z87.1 lenses for increased protection of the user's eyes.





 Prices in the range of $179.99 to $189.99

TRACER – the model is also equipped with lenses meeting the ANSI Z87 standard, are sent to the user with an additional set of two pairs of exchangeable lenses - transparent and yellow.


Prices in the range of $149.99 to $179.99. 


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