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SPRAWOZDANIE: IWA 2009 (Action Sport Games A/S)

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More than 1100 exhibitors, representing branches like sport firearms, personal protection, hunting, military, sights, knifes, and tactic equipemnt, had presented their products at this year IWA & OutdorClassics. For us, the most important were stands of airsoft and equipment producers and distributors. Let's start with the first company we have paid a visit on IWA & OutdorClassics 2009 - our host: Action Sport Games A/S from Denmark!


Action Sport Games A/S bunch was located in the hall no. 3, at stand no. 609. To meet Action Sport Games A/S we came there on the first day (on Friday) 10 A.M. and it did not end on one visit, thanks to great atmosphere at Danish stand. Their bench was one of the most intresting among other exhibitors in airsoft branch. As well as in previous year, WMasg team could depend on ASG A/S hospitality and help, in particular - Paweł Michała (Sales Europe), who has given a lot of information.


At the very beginning, Paweł introduced to us a new product: Devil BBs, high end line of Blaster series. We may say at this part, that WMasg team would have an opportunity to test them in number of weights (maximum is 0.40g).




They have joined in already quite big offer of BBs.




ASG A/S stand was well planned, not only they have presented their partner Classic Army products, but as well, products under their own brand, where Pro Line series was the most eye-catching.





This series at the moment is leading product in rifle, carbine and SMG replicas. Under this name there are M4, FAL, MP5 and G36. M4 series has ARMS Inc. and LMT marks. Rest were produced under license of B&T and DSA Inc.




One of the intresting replicas presented at their bench, would have licensed marks of Izmash. It is Classic Army SWD replica, with forgrip and stock made of plastic.



It aroused interest even before exhibition, now we could see it again during IWA 2009. Replica on the photos is a prototype, which has only dummy parts inside, therefore is not functional. We know now, that it would be AEG, and dummy interior suggests that wires lead to front into foregrip.




In general, prototype makes a good impression: its body type is full metal, and is pretty heavy. It was well finished, there was no creaking sound, and it had a nice texture. Magazine though was still not made, there was only metal dummy squeezed in the socket.



L96 is another interesting prototype (it was also presented by other exhibitor and we would go back to it later). Replica looks good. Unfortunately there was only one model of more planned by CA. We tried to get some information on how would it work: gas or manual cocking? Prototype at this moment was just a body. It seems Classic Army has not yet given any details on that topic. Distributors were not sure, but they would rather put on manual reload. There is a chance we would see both versions of replica.




Apart from brand new products, Action Sport Games A/S has presented some of the well known Classic Army replicas, as Arsenal carbine series or Sport Line. There were number of replicas branded by Action Sport Games A/S, as well handguns and long - GBB, AEG and a few manual cocking carbines.










New series of CZ looks pretty impressive, and in our opinion better made than previous edition, which we have been reviewing here on Wmasg. Probably transparent body replicas would not be very useful in airsoft, maybe as a bit of curiousity.





CZ 75D Compact (CO2 blow back) was especially nice. Looks really good, and very handy. "CeZet" is a short recoil replica, which just means that the breech move is slightly shorter. Breech moves fast, smooth and shooting is just fun. Weight 805g. Lenght: 185mm. Energy 1.1J. Material: metal/nylon. Mag capacity: 16BBs.



Another new product series are revolvers under licence of Dan Wesson Firearms.





Both models are heavy and feeded with CO2. Drum can be loaded with six cartridges, and every one of those can load one BB. ASG A/S also offers quickloader drum with additional cartridges.




Revolvers were impressive. Of course as for CO2 replica, they are powerful, but they might be interesting for people who likes original, non-standard weapon. They should be available in the shop offer during upcoming weeks. Thanks to kindness of Action Sport Games A/S chairman, we would have a chance to test those replicas (and some more), so there would be a detailed review here on WMasg.



Special limited edition



Among ASG A/S replicas, produced under licence of Steyr Mannlincher, there was also new handgun: M9-A1 pistol.



All mentioned Action Sport Games A/S handgun replicas would be available in two types: airsoft - CO2 6mm BB (green box) and as an airgun CO2 4.5mm (white box)




Continously Classic Army minigun was getting most of the attention.



Almost everyone visiting ASG A/S stand, wanted to take a photo with this monster.





Whole stand was complemented by sights and accessories.





On sunday, the last day of our visit at IWA, we had a chance to talk a bit longer with ASG A/S chairman. Mr. Henrik Grobelnik was interested in preferences of Polish airsofters, when we choose a replica and type, and as well we got to know what licenses are in possesion of Action Sport Games A/S. Company owns licenses for marks, replica shape, each even the smallest part and detail which are eligible all over the world. List is impressive:  AI, ARMS Inc., ArmaLite Inc., Arsenal, B&T, Cobray Co., Izmash, Czeska Zbrojowka, Franchi, LMT - those are only some of the brands (please find the full list attached below). Classic Army replicas, which are available in Action Sport Games offer, has all the marks, on the ground of transfer of license in possesion of ASG A/S to Classic Army. We have asked mr. Grobelnik: do you take any actions against more and more common Chinese producers illegal copying? The answer was short: "we sue them".





Rights and licenses in possesion of Action Sport Games A/S:



Exhibitor website:


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