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SPRAWOZDANIE: IWA 2009 (Evolution International)

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Next stand on IWA & Outdoor Classics 2009 we have visited, was set by Evolution International (Evolution Airsoft).


Italian company bench made a very good impression. Evolution International, likewise Action Sport Games A/S, cooperates with Classic Army, so main part of their stand, was occupied by CA replicas and prototypes.



Evolution International is also a distributor of brands like: ARES, ICS, Systema, Intellect, so EI presented those brands as well.




Evolution Airsoft stand was almost as big as Danish ASG A/S one, though their show-cases were more tightly spaced.






Service at their stand was very kind and paid attention to every visitor. Even though general manager had some difficulties with answering to technical questions, one of the ladies (associate) had a profound knowledge about products. She quickly answered to any questions regarding any replica or product, which was rare among softer sex representatives at airsoft stands.




As for brand new products or new series of known models, the biggest part took Classic Army products. So there was a minigunSWD andL96. Evolution International informed us that SWD and as well CA minigun would be produced as AEGs. Regarding L96, EI also claimed that replica is planned as a manual cocking, though it was not official statement.






What was intresting here, that they have presented three models of this rifle: standard, one with recoil brake and one with foldable stock and heavy outer barrel, with furrows acting as a radiator in real gun.




We could also see PSD CA with LWRC marks, which was recently introduced to the market.




Rest of the intresting products by Classic Army was put together. We could see: M4 LWRC, new version of SA58 with EBB and long magazine and short SIG with SAR Kurzkarabiner marks, and below MP5 PDW.







Next to Classic Army SCAR-H we saw new AK74 Tactical, so another piece in line of Arsenal company replicas.



ARES was represented by DSR-1 sniper rifle, located in a few spots at their stand.




For us it was the first opportunity to get a closer look at this good looking, but critisized for technical failures, replica.






Some part of EI stand was dedicated to ICS and Systema replicas. MP5 SD ICS with PDW style stock was intresting at this part.








At the other show case, there were more rifles, and separately handguns, SMG and spring shotguns of other brands.





Evolution International presented a big number of grenade launchers, sights, accessories and parts. At every possible space there were BBs, gas containers and batteries (Intellect).











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