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SPRAWOZDANIE: IWA 2009 (RedWolf Airsoft)

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Next part of our report on IWA & OutdoorClassics 2009 exhibition, regards to RedWolf Airsoft stand.


Shortly after saying goodbye to Action Sport Games A/S, we went to RedWolf Airsoft bench. Smaller stand made it not that convenient to see all the showpieces, but professional and kind welcome, made it much easier.



Redwolf managing director Paul Chu, what was very nice, immediately recognized WMasg team. We can proudly say that, later while visiting stands of other Asian exhibitors, WMasg name was known and recognized. RWA had agreed to promote WMasg, inter alia by accepting WMasg brochures and gadgets at their stand.




RedWolf presented ARES, Systema, Airsoft Surgeon, own custom series and more.















The most impressive for most of the visitors were replicas of high-caliber sniper rifles Cheytac Intervention and Mini Hekate. Their look brought even more attention,  than usually very popular Barrett.





Manual cocking version of Cheytac generates 450fps, gas version - 500fps. Unfortunately, when gas properties are getting lower, it takes a result in fps - which can be as low as 300fps. Weight and size of the replica, leaves not many sniper rifles competitors to Cheytac.





As for Mini Hekate, muzzle velocity is close to manual cocking Cheytac.






Both replicas had took a shine of a minigun, this time produced by Echo1, which took a humble place in one of the corners of their stand.






WWII replicas at RedWolf bench was represented by excellent replica of light machine gun BAR, which in comparison to Cheytac or minigun seemed light as a feather.





RedWolf Custom department of RWA had presented handy, compact M-series replica, which could attract every supporter of Magpulproducts.





As we got used to it, there were Systema Professional Training Weapon series at the RWA stand.



Apart from replicas, there were some accessories, sights and number of airsoft grenade types. Most of those (apart from sights) were produced by MadBull.



There were also chronometers also by this producer, with an opportunity to compare previous model with a brand new one. Previous model were charged by batteries, the newest is charged directly by USB connection with computer.



Just as in last year, there were intresting Hi Capa Airsoft Surgeon handgun replicas and shotgun shooting various types of ammunition. Unfortunately, in contrast to the other showpieces - because of a small stand, those replicas were hardly available, and taking photos was not easy, as it was not possible to take them out.





During IWA, at RWA stand there were also small bench of Airsoft Innovations from Canada, producer of CQB grenade Tornado. There was a presentation of its action, so we had an opportunity to talk about this product.



Airsoft Innovations was represented by Carlton Chong (Director) and his associate Bartek Foltyn. They were very helpful and intrested in presenting their product to Polish airsoft players.





Bartek Foltyn, who speaks excellent Polish, had given us a lot of important technical information about specification of Tornado grenade and as well about changes, which would be introduced in the close future. We got to know, that new version is being prepared - which would be equipped with an handle (prototype on the picture below).



Version which is being produced at present detonates shortly after taking out safety pin. Next version would have as a real hand grenades, handle which would delay blast-off timer till it's pushed in.  Grenade head with a handle would be also available, to upgrade previous version of a grenade.



We got to know as well, that Airsoft Innovations grenade is very popular in Canada. It is used by majority of the players. Each player would carry one to three such a grenades. We have got some Tornado grenades for tests. Soon review by Foka here on WMasg.




Our visit at RedWolf Airsoft stand was very favourable and intresting. It was one of the most enjoyable moments during IWA 2009, thanks to kind and professional RWA staff. Their attitude and approach is an example, to the other exhibitors who were not always trying hard to be seen as professional.





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