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SPRAWOZDANIE: IWA 2009 (Guay Guay)

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Continuing our visit on IWA & OutdoorClassics 2009, we went to G&G (Guay Guay) stand located in "gold triangle" of hall no. 3 (GFC, King Arms, G&G).




G&G representative: Sam Lai (World Wide Sales Dept.) showed us round spacious and well organized exposition. At the most of the displays, we found already known AEGs from series like RK, M14, SAR, SCAR and popular M-series.








There were a few interesting replicas with non-standard marks, like i.e. G3 SAS with Punisher skull. Most of the replicas had also G&G brand logo and emblems.





During IWA & Outdoor Classics 2009, Guay Guay promoted mostly Top Tech series, which are replicas equipped with pneumatic blow backsystem. All produced models were presented: M4/M16, HK416 and MP5. G&G would send us one of MP5 PBB, for review purposes.





There were not many totally new products. M14 EBR was one of them on G&G Armament stand at IWA 2009.




The biggest hit, Guay Guay showed us only in a form of advert poster, which is prepared for production phase, FN FNC replica (with a burstfire mode selection). Sam Lai told us though, that this replica might be available even in two or three months from now.




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