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As a summary of our visit to IWA & Outdoor Classics 2009, we would like to say a few words about our impression on small bench and curiousities we have seen during three days we've spent on Nurymberg fair.


As for airsoft presence on IWA, there were more exhibitors with more interesting products than in 2008. Apart from spacious stands of major companies and distributors - we have seen small individual airsoft stands, and as well, small airsoft displays within sport assortment trade companies. For the most part, they have presented nothing we haven't seen yet.


Some of the companies decided to set up shooting range spots available for any visitor,




There was interesting stand of Russian KD Co. presenting their interactive system to train with airguns or airsoft guns. Arcada system in comparison to live round guns equivalent, differs by software and instead of using projector it works with big screen.


On our way to KWA we have passed by German Buchner Grosshandel, sports equipment distributor from Munich, we haven't known before.



Company has a wide range of replicas, mostly manual cocking, of second-class brands like Double Eagle. But as well UHC.





But for us most interesting piece in their display was Tiger I Late Version model. Unfortunately ladies at Buchner stand, were not able to confirm if the Tiger as well shoots with BBs.



As a big dissapointment we may mention STTI stand. Even though banner stated that STTI is an airsoft producer, at a small and uninteresting stand, we have seen only some equipment. What is more, because of language barrier we could not get any useful information. Some of the Asian (not only airsoft exhibitors), had a big problems with communicating in English. Thanks to leaflets we have received, we got to know that STTI next to MP40 replica, would introduce MP41.



Our southern neighbours from Bohemia Airsoft had a interesting design at their stand. Company is an airsoft products distributor.






The biggest dissapointment of IWA 2009, we claim Umarex stand, set up together with Walther brand.



Even though airsoft display of Umarex, was only a small part of whole stand, we would expect to present it somehow. Unfortunately, not only we could not talk with any of the company representatives, but we were not allowed to take any photos of their stand. As a reason we got the short answer about "exclusiveness". We may guess Umarex had decided to sell rights to write news regarding their IWA stand, alltogether with any photo report. Regardless to this, clear answer to our inquiries would be seen as more proffesional.


We would remember our stay at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2009, as undoubtedly very interesting experience.





It was a hospitable place for all of the visitors, not only two-legged homo sapiens.




Full of curiousities...





...surprising showpieces... (Madness? This is Sparta!)



...and sometimes just odd...





This is a place, where there are probably as many mannequins as visitors.






It was also enriching experience to see that most of the presented products, even not from airsoft branch, might have been used somehow in airsoft. Of course, except for knifes and swords, or crossbows, middle ages armors or Indian maces (but you never know, what airsoft players creativity would bring to life...).


We hope, that next years' edition of IWA & OutdoorClassics would gather even more exhibitors from airsoft branch and their offer would be bigger and more impressive than this year. We would do our best to be there, and report all the news and curiousities.



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