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Pro-ecological initiative #NOTRASHNOTRACE by Helikon-Tex
Pro-ecological initiative #NOTRASHNOTRACE by Helikon-Tex

Pro-ecological initiative #NOTRASHNOTRACE by Helikon-Tex

Pro-ecological initiative #NOTRASHNOTRACE by Helikon-Tex
Pro-ecological initiative #NOTRASHNOTRACE by Helikon-Tex

Pro-ecological attitude is not just fashion, it is a must for us, enthusiasts of outdoor and military activities, which allows us to cultivate our hobby.


Similar assumptions probably made the Helikon-Tex company to organize the #NOTRASHNOTRACE initiative (No trash, no trace). Naturally, the catchphrase can be interpreted in two ways. One, a "tactical" approach makes us realize that without leaving garbage in the field, we remain undetected (whether by the enemy or a hungry bear), two, is the concern for nature, which is probably the intended understanding of the message.

Helikon-Tex encourages us (by the skillfully advertising their products) to comply with three principles aimed at caring for the environment.

First of all - buy reusable products - such as water bottles or canteens.


"Try not to buy things that can be used only once. Especially when in case of products as simple as bottles, forks, knives or camping mugs, you should look for those that you will use repeatedly.

This will reduce the number of things that end up on landfill or recycling after a trip."

Secondly - buy durable products (and in some cases more expensive ones) that will last longer. Here, for an example, Helikon-Tex promotes its Dirt Bag for collecting garbage.


"Sustainability should be key when choosing new products. This seems obvious when we talk about expensive things, but this principle is exactly the same in case of simple and cheaper products, which we often buy impulsively. Take your time - the trails will wait and you can easily decide what to invest in."

Third - repair, instead of throwing away old and buying new equipment. Something that our grandparents and fathers perfectly understood but we do sporadically. And like most outdoor and survival enthusiasts, Helikon-Tex also knows that paracord and tape are the best for making quick repairs.


"Don't throw away things that can be fixed. This is not only a simple way to reduce the amount of garbage, but its also great fun. "

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