New pants from Baribal are now available

New pants from Baribal are now available
The Repton pants, announced a few months ago, have appeared in the offer of the company from Lublin.
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New pants from Baribal are now available

Repton - this is the name of the new, tactical pants by Baribal, known mainly from making tactical waist pouches, pockets and pouches. The announcement of the new product in was posted at WMASG in January 2020.

Today we present to You the final product along with the manufacturer's description:

Repton pants have been designed in a loose cut for high comfort, with enlarged thigh parts and ergonomic knee reinforcements that provide a wide range of movement. In addition, a wedge made of modern SAM® fabric elastic, made in the USA, strengthens the crotch area against abrasion, provides better ventilation and unhindered mobility.

The high cut of the pants and a wide, stiffened waistband make wearing stiff tactical gear belts a pure pleasure. What's more, as many as 4 pullers places in the right spots and at a specific angle align the pants, pulling the excess material exactly where it is needed.
The waistband has a breathable stiffener cut in the places where the pullers are, creating a hybrid system that adapts to the user's body. What does it mean? When squatting, the pants stay in the correct position and do not expose the lower back.

Well placed pockets and additional interesting features make the pants multi-purpose and very practical. They are perfect for going outdoors, training at a shooting range, or an ordinary day at work. Despite the numerous pockets, Repton pantsdo not stand out with their combat look. The spacious side pockets, thanks to their design, fold flat and do not stick out from the body line, which will surely appeal to people who do not use their full capacity every day.

Thigh pockets for a smartphone are hidden inside the leg and on the outside they have only a flap closed with Velcro. Specially selected depth will meet the dimensions of the current sizes of super smartphones, STANAG/PMAG magazines or similar size tools. The characteristic shape of the angled pockets reveals the corner of the device and makes it easy to grab. In addition, placing them at the right height allows to take even a large smartphone out in a sitting position. Placing it at middle of the leg perfectly arranges the phone without exercising unnecessary stress on the Repton pants.

The upper edges of the pockets at the front and back have been reinforced with a carrying tape, which increases their resistance to frequent attachment of folder clips, flashlights or multitools. The straps are quite slippery and pleasant to the touch, but their thickness increases the holding force of the clips and limits the movement of tools. The pockets at the front, which are often used, have a wider tape at the edges, thanks to which the tool is hooked by the built-in clip to hold the pockets firmly and steadily. There is no fear of loosing your favorite flashlight or unwanted movement here.
Inside the rear pockets, there are additionally small internal pockets holding tools on the sides, which is very important in this part of the pants. The contents does not move, so the user can sit down and make other movements without the fear of crushing a tool. The capacity of the pockets allows to carry larger items, such as a wallet, without unnecessary discomfort for the user.

The knees have been additionally reinforced, so that even in heavier and often repetitive activities, where the knees may wear, there are two more layers of material under the top one - for real tough guys. For some, a very useful option may be a built-in pocket for holding foam inserts that protect the knees.


During strenuous activities or hard work, a noticeable difference in air circulation in the pants is ensured by discreet zipper vents with a mesh lined on the inside. They are closed with a tiny zipper, so they do not interfere with using the pants and add an interesting look.
The YKK zippers are sewn in all pockets, as well as in the fly, which ensures the highest quality of the product. In addition, pockets with a zipper on the outside of the pants have additional 'pockets' for the zippers, where you can hide them and prevent them from making unwanted sounds.

Pants are also available in the Baribal configurator available at the company's website. Repton pants are offered for 399 PLN (around 90 EUR) in Camogrom and Wz.93 camouflages, as well as in black, navy blue and olive colors. The size chart is the S-XXL range, and for an additional 40 PLN (10 EUR), the manufacturer will add 5 mm EVA knee pads.


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