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Specna Arms enters into cooperation with Laylax

Specna Arms enters into cooperation with Laylax

Specna Arms enters into cooperation with Laylax

Undoubtedly, Specna Arms is persistently working on changing its image of a manufacturer of budget replicas. The technically refined EDGE series and the recent launch of EDGE 2.0, the RRA license (from one of the largest arms suppliers in the US), and last year's license from Daniel Defense has certainly got the company closer to this goal. At the beginning of January, on the Specna Arms Facebook profile, there was an interesting piece information about the start of cooperation with the Japanese Laylax company, responsible for making top-brand Prometheus spare parts. Last Friday, information about the first parts of the "Prometheus Specna Arms Edition" made available for purchase was published. When browsing the offer, however, it looks like these are, for the time being, parts available in the standard Laylax offer. As we can read on social media, it is indeed so. Currently, these are only parts that were checked for compatibility and branded with a special series name. So for now, the cooperation has more of a marketing nature. Apparently, however, in the future, there will also be completely new, dedicated parts for the upgrade of replicas from various Specna Arms lines.





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