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Specshop: delivery from Action Army

Specshop: delivery from Action Army

Specshop: delivery from Action Army

The Poznań-based airsoft store, has received several interesting items from Action Army. The store's offer now includes the green gas powered AAP-01 pistol, superficially similar to the Ruger Mk IV. The replica is interesting for several design reasons - first of all, it is currently the only model equipped with moving bolt rather then a classic pistol slide, and with a blow-back system. The design was created along with a whole system of compatible accessories, allowing to adapt the replica to individual preferences. One can find collapsible stocks and underbarrel rails that allow to transform the pistol into a compact PDW. Interchangeable sights will allow to choose our favorite configuration - basic optical fibers will be perfect for dynamic aiming, higher ones will enable cooperation with a silencer or a set with a co-witness type collimator. As for the collimator itself, the manufacturer has created a simple, universal Picatinny mount that allows the installation of most popular ones. For those who want a comfortable, low line of sight, there is also a low mounting in the RMR standard. The replica is also powered by Glock magazines, which is a popular and system, which many of us probably also already own. The second new product is a simplified version of the T10 model, based on the VSR system. The AAC T11 is a lightweight airsoft sniper rifle, made to match one of the most popular parts standard. The replica is characterized by a great price to quality ratio, ensuring that it works on par with products made by the Tokyo Marui company. Parts and accessories from the T10 can also be used in the T11. 



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