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AAIPSC competition
AAIPSC competition

AAIPSC competition

AAIPSC competition
AAIPSC competition

Before attempts were made to popularize the proprietary competitions in speedsoft (in various forms), wrote about the last edition in Katowice recently, the AAIPSC has been present for a long time. This airsoft form of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) in Poland has still not gained much popularity, despite the fact that it has been with us for years, official world championships are organized around the world, in which, by the way, we have quite a capable representation. AAIPSC is a branch of the firearms IPSC, with official support from the headquarters, and even local organizations have been instructed to develop AAIPSC. How is it in practice? It probably doesn't work out, because there aren't many competitions with the use of airsoft replicas, at least compared to the classic IPSC. Maybe that will change. This form of airsoft slowely gains more followers. AAIPSC can be a great preparation for an IPSC. Some IPSC competitors started with an airsoft replica, such as Dominik Górski, who was interviewing Mateusz Cichecki, a leading Polish player in IPSC Action Air.



We know from our own experience that running around the track and shooting at targets may seem unattractive for someone used to an opponent who can shoot back, but we recommend that you try. Time pressure, combined with the required precision of shots, can prove to be a good test of skills. Because in order to get really good results, unfortunately, you will not be able to do without dedicated training.

The nearest opportunity to test one's skills will be this weekend in Podlasie. There will be AAIPSC Level 1 competitions in STANDARD and OPEN equipment classes. 9 tracks have been prepared for the competitors. Level 1 means that anyone can take part (of course, after registering and paying the entry fee). The event starts on July 30. The AAIPSC Competition for the President's Cup will take place on July 31, and on August 1, the younger adepts of the AAIPSC Youth Competition under 15 will have a chance.

Place: Strzelnica Gościniec Podlaski Puszczy Knyszyńskiej w miejscowości Ogrodniki
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