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New VORSK models in Nuprol's offer

New VORSK models in Nuprol's offer

New VORSK models in Nuprol's offer

About the appearance of the VORSK brand on the market has been covered by us in December 2019. At that time, GBB GLOCK-like and Hi-Capa-like replicas were presented. The distribution is handled by the Nuprol company operating in the UK, which is most likely also the brand owner. Now, VORSK's offer includes new pistols clearly modeled after the Sig Sauer P226, here called VP26X.



The replicas are available in many color versions. The slide is made of an aluminum alloy finished on CNC machines. At the end of the barrel there is a "breacher", which also extends the Picatinny rail, if someone would like to attach something to the pistol... something not intended for a pistol. The sights are equipped with an optical fiber and a DA trigger. In the press materials, we can read about the enhanced experience of blowback in the new pistols. Is it just a marketing gimmick, or do the new VORSK really have a strong blowback, we'll see, or maybe some of our readers will have the opportunity to share their impressions soon.





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